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Writer's Block: Robotic

Who (or what) is your favorite fictional robot?

My first thought: Bret and Jemaine.



I'm new.

But I flipped on the tv today and Jeopardy was on. The second last category was Flight of The Concordes. Unfortunately, they were talking about the jets.

But I still thought of you guys.

Honestly, EVERYTHING reminds me of Flight of the Conchords. I sit in class and giggle to myself because anything that's being talked about makes me think of them. D:

New Zealand Wine

I will now copy and past from a fantastic fic by ballroombubble:

JEMAINE: I’ve never done so many cool things in one day!

TAIKA: (Opening the bottle of wine and pouring out two glasses) I’m glad you had a good time, Jemaine. I, er...I really enjoy spending time with you, you know.

JEMAINE: Yeah, I like spending time with you too. Is this...(He indicates the wine, unconvinced)...is this a cool thing to drink?

TAIKA: It’s a bold but slightly awkward little number...(A significant look at Jemaine, which Jemaine doesn’t register)...from New Zealand. That’s certainly how I like it. I don’t know about you...Jemaine.

JEMAINE: Well if you like it, it must be good.

TAIKA: (Barely restrained, watching Jemaine drink the wine) I’ll say it is.

Jemaine swallows the wine in one go, trying to look cool. He reels a little and blinks as if to clear his head. He’s not used to drinking so fast.

JEMAINE: (Clearly he doesn’t like it) Um...yum.

Had to quote this. Had. To.

Of course, this is a white and I imagine Jemaine as more of a red...is it weird that I imagine what kind of wine Jemaine would be?

Anyway, I'll be saving this for a special occasion. Maybe the Season 2 premiere?

This is the most epic youtube video evar!

So... youtubing away I come across this young man, who had invented a new instrument, the KazooKeylele, which is essentially a baby piano, a ukelele and a kazoo all in one. The instruments are such classic Conchord favourites and even incorporates Bret's passion forsticking stuff together invention. And just when you though it couldn't possibly get any better, the song is "The Final Countdown"


Today I learned that New Zealand was the first country to have female emancipation. After they gave women the right to vote the rest of the world soon followed.


Walking to the shops earlier i walked past a not-unattractive guy who had the same hair-cut that Jemaine had in EVS...

I had to do a double take... but alas, no glasses...

Oct. 15th, 2008

Checking out the reader traffic on my fanfiction.net profile I saw that I got one hit from a user in New Zealand. I was disproportionately excited by this.


I went to Richmond today for training for my new job. At the store where we were learning, I discovered the assistant's name was Bret. I did not actually get to meet him, which was nice, as I can now continue to imagine him as being Bret McKenzie. Now why Bret would be moonlighting as an assistant at a movie store I have no idea, but you know, I could see him doing a good job of it - he would easily get me to buy the 'Lord of the Rings Trilogy' and 'Top Gun'. No questions asked!

What a great surname

How could I have gone so long without realising that my stepdaughter's Diabetes Nurse's surname is 'Bretland'?

Folk DJ

I was watching the music video for 'Rock DJ' by Robbie Williams on the TV for a bit of nostalgia (it was in the charts when I was in high school). I'd forgotten that it was full of 80s looking chicks on rollerskates. I thought, '*lol* that's like the video for Ladies of the World. I must post that on nzmoment.'

Then I realised I'd also forgotten that when Robbie strips off his trousers he's wearing PANTS WITH A TIGER ON THEM. They're Bret's pants! I almost fell off my chair laughing.